Friday, 28 January 2011

lord of the rings,Olleyphant

Have had this in the "cupboard of shame" for a long time,i got it cheap on eBay.Going to take a while this as this is just the base for the olleyphant.

fow,Late war British unit.

Finally finished the basing on these,has been awhile.The half tracks are Battlefront but the figures are "Forged in Battle" i loved painting them very well sculpted indeed.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

wip objective marker

The next game we are going to play needs objective makers,its a chance to do something different,this one will be a storage area,fuel barrels boxes etc all from the spares box we all have.the gate and poles are made from kebab sticks and the ground work is just filler mixed with folkart paint.I'll add a picture at ever stage.The plan is to have chain link fence all the way round.

PS.British rifles and half tracks i started have been done and based now,just need some good light to take photo's.

Monday, 24 January 2011

None of my own work part two

Just a few more pictures from the game.

thanks lee

None of my own work

Last Friday i visited my wargame club,cant get to it that often as its a 4hour round trip,Mad i hear you shout,well its worth every hour on the round.its a small group of lads that meet every Friday in New Buckingham,community centre, Norfolk.The level of game they put on is such a high standard most clubs wouldn't attempt it for a Friday evening with only 5 hours gaming time. As you can see buy the pictures above it was ACW using "Rally to the Flag" (sorry for poor pictures i had forgot my camera so all taken on my Mobile phone)which I'm told by Glen Brooks one of the organizers is a bugger to read but worth persevering with and as with any rule set the club will comprise all you need to know onto a double sided A4 sheet,so by turn 2 i understood them.

The beautiful fencing was made by Steve (Tonnie) and was a dream to game with.

The game itself was overwhelming yank force on the attack against a stopping force of Reb's.he reb's had to hold the cross roads at the far end of the table and the road nearest there deployment area,The yanks got a hard pounding from turn one with the reb force using two 12pound battery's sited on the cross roads which in the end put pay to a yank brigade(Steve) when they just had to many casualties to pass the morale check.The second yank brigade commanded by Paul hugged the table edge and once it had sorted out the traffic jam of union troops entering the game it marched bravely on into the woods and the second road objective,the reb force at the cross roads final failed to hold the union forces and the way was clear to head for the second objective as well but it was going to be a close run thing as the reserve brigade of rebs had struggled done the other side of the table through think woods to arrive in the rear of the advancing union troops and time was not on the union side as the last turn was played the union troops commanded by Paul that had hugged the table edge just couldn't reach the second objective manly due to think woods and sniping and flanking from militia units.A draw was called as the reb's had had a bloody day and had manged to hold the second road and have troops in the union rear.As ever at the club a great nites gaming.Thanks to all.

NB.In June the club are planning a Waterloo game in 28mm,25/30ft table and thousands of figures.hopefully I'll remember my camera.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Fow terrain

Whilst in the terrain making mood,thought I'd knuckle down and make the terrain needed for our groups next fow game "recon by combat" from a older issue of wargames illustrated.Not a great deal of terrain needed really,eight pieces of trench 8inches long and eight pieces of barbwire eight inches long.The rest of the terrain we need i have.First port of call was the flames of war website,as they do a box set of trenches and barbwire minefields £50.00,I think not,so i had to make my own.
The trenches started life as a lenght of wood used to frame an interior door.Cut to size,then sanded and the face was "roughed up" so the pva glue and sand would stick and hopefully stay on the surface.Next the wooden support planks on the inside of the trench were made from cutting thin plastic sheets and gluing to the surface.When the sand and planking are dry,paint the whole thing,i use water based decking or fence paint,this soaks into the sand without clogging it and making look like the somme.The planking was given a triad of foundry spear shaft a/b/c .When the whole thing was dry,i drybrushed using folkart sand colour,bit of grass done.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

lord of the rings terrain

The second lotr terrain piece.This one i used the lotr magazine plastic terrain sprue.The flooring again from the resin spares box,seconds from Ironclan,if you get a chance at a show have a rummage in their seconds box,some real gems in there .Which means the resin box needs topping up now,well its a good excuse to spend money on resin at the next show (salute 2011)

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

few more from the shed of dreams

Terrain made in the shed of dreams

Just a little project for a lord of the rings game a few friends are going to have.Old resin church the rest made from scrap and the bits and bobs box.Used of Vallejo weathering powder on the ground work,seems to work,softens the drybrushing.

Monday, 10 January 2011

WIP fow

These are the transports of the British rifles.As you can see they are painted and have the first weathering stage applied,I have been trying the vallejo pigments out.This time i mixed them with a touch of water like a wash then just...well dabbed it on,the pigments dry out to a matt earth texture.When i next get to the painting table I'll touch up the wheels and tracks before basing.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

lord of the rings rangers

Just a few Lotr figures,All proceeds toward the Steve Dean AGM and Gentleman's Drinking Club meeting in January.The plan is to meet at the imperial war museum then lunch and drinks followed with drinks and more drinks.