Wednesday, 30 December 2009

73rd British napoleonic battalion.

As promised a blow by blow account of painting the 73rd British battalion.

I starting with the command elements.Lovely figures these Victrix,not to bad to clean up.These took me an evening to complete.

Coat d arms black undercoat.Next the flesh basecoat,for this i use foundry Bay brown "C".The next coat of flesh i used Gamesworkshop(GW) tanned flesh with a final highlight of GW tanned flesh and GW elf flesh 50/50.

The red jackets were painted using a base colour of GW scab red,highlight P3 skorne red,second highlight GW blood red.

Trousers foundry Quagmire "A" then washed with plaka black paint mixed 50/50 with water.

Gold work is vallejo Brass washed again with plaka wash.

Silver work vallejo oily steel washed again with plaka wash.

christmas holidays.

Well that's another Christmas holidays over with.I have for a few years stopped painting for the 3 days of Christmas and do the family thing but if i do paint over the holidays i tend to do my own projects instead of payed commissions.i have a commission at the moment for Chris cope,an insane wargamer who over many years has commissioned me to paint the British and allied forces at Waterloo in 25/28mm starting on the left and stopping at the walls of Hougoumont(so he says).So far 30 to 40 units each of 18 figures as per the rule set shako.I'll post some photo's of the latest British unit which is the 73rd as i do them.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

flames of war

First games of flames of war last night,got through it pretty well,has the feel of WAB.We used AmericanVs German forces,just over 1,000pts and got two games in about 8hrs.Click on photo's to enlarge.

Some troops for my flames of war panzer company.A HMG unit and their transport,halftracks with mg's and two with motars.lick on photo's to enlarge


I love the stug,my fave of all German vehicles,these are from Battlefront,resin bodies with lead tracks and gun barrel.Click on photo's to enlarge.

Peter Pig tigers

Painted these up for my flames of war german force,they come up a little bigger than the Battlefront tigers but i just can't replace them they are so lovely.

Not long finished my first British napoleonic units,using Victrix figures.Click on the photo to see enlarged.

Warlord ECW

Just a few of warlords lovely plastic ECW range i have painted for myself.Click on photo to enlarge.

Armati wargame Carthaginians Vs Romans

Hi,these are just a few photo's i took of a wargame i had with my friends andy and mark bullock and their figure.We use Armati rules and use 28mm.