Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter weekend

Well its been a while,its taken a bit to get over the Salute weekend as i had a friend from overseas staying for 4 days.Salute was as ever huge and packed with the usual chaos of getting in,it seems "Advance tickets" just don't work anymore.This said when you did get into the show it didn't seem packed at all,plenty of space to walk and browse.Purchases,well poor really for the biggest show in the country,some resin bases from Kerr and king for flames of war,mdf round bases  for trees and the jewel in the crown.....Empress miniatures Modern British,only managed to get 3 packs as Keith had be wiped out and one look at these figures even in the "lead" gives you the reason why.Hopefully I'll get time to paint some up for my planned toe dipping into force on force which as i type I'm waiting for postie to deliver.

OK that's enough talk,Easter Sunday wife took youngest over to Kent to see her brother for the day,so i got a whole day painting with DVDs of a war nature on.Here's what i managed to get done.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

95th Rifles

Was given the job of doing these 95th as scruffy as i could,mixed clothing,patches,etc etc.Patches are just green stuff and the dirty trousers is Vallejo pigment earth.

Monday, 4 April 2011

lord of the rings,Olleyphant UPDATE

This is really coming on now,as you can see the Olleyphant and base are complete just the towers and figures to do,did realize how big this was until i started painting it.The main body was painted in Foundry quagmire A/B/C.Tusks done with Foundry spearshaft A/B/C. then a Foundry Austrian white A/B/C.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

what i did last night

I had to drop of some figures for Mr Chris insanity Cope as his Waterloo in 28mm projected caries on in an every decreasing circle of madness.Chris lives in Norfolk and i in Essex,this journey allows me to use the 4 worse roads in south east for traffic and road works,that aside it is always a pleasure to go round Chris's as his house is more a wargaming Paradise as you can see from the pictures of his house,figures,books,figures,swords,figures,shields and figures.The night was going to be a evening chat and tea but our other friend Glen Brooks turned up with his beautifully painted War of the roses armies and a copy of the free Impetus rules,we normally play Armati and as i haven't had any problems with the set I'm of the school that says "if it ain't broke "etc etc But i got to say i am very impressed with Impetus as a rule set,it uses the armati style of figures based in groups and no figure removal and a multi dice modifier for unit strenght and weakness.I think these rules could be the way forward for me.Thanks Chris and Glen for a great evening.Anyway try the free set in the link below.