Saturday, 26 November 2011

Russian rural buidings

Just thought I'd take a few shots of the buildings i made for the Eastern front game last weekend.Buildings are Hovels i picked up from Essex miniatures last time i popped into the shop.I based them on ply-board with a thin layer of Blue foam board,the foam gives a better finish to the ground work and paving and bare earth can be cut into it.The grave stones and crosses are just carved from wood and the washing on the washing line is just paper.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

flames of war game at the weekend

 Had a great fow game this weekend,got to say i havent had a bad one yet.This one was a variation i came up with.1200pts a side free for all,its the same as normal but with a little twist.It must be an infantry company and you can spend the points as normal but you only get 1 choice in the whole of the Divisional support section.
Soviet V German, once again the neb's were  bloody monsters (thanks Steven from WWPD for the tip on these boys) keeping my opponents Zis76's silent all game and slowly killing them with nebelwaffer loving.This allowed my hmgs to get into postion to mow the soviet conscripts down. Great game day and a feeling that the rule reflected WW2 warfare.
Must of it you all have seen before but a few new additions,the Russian buildings are hovels,based on ply-board and thin bluefoam.The resin roads are from Magnetic displays.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Its been a while i know

Have been busy with putting on a flames of war game (this Saturday) Russian front,Which needed not only a new company but also new terrain.As the game is on this saturday i'll get the pictures of the troops and terrain on here asap.

 In the meantime Here are some Perry Brunswick High command,Duke himself and staff etc etc.