Thursday, 31 January 2013

3rd Punic roman unit

Still not sure about these transfers,i brought them from aventine miniatures they are LBM and are only for Aventine miniatures,so why am i cutting them out? also this time you'll see i used yellow transfers and this time i did use white undercoat so i ended up having to paint in the areas that were white showing where the transfer didn't fit even when i had cut them to spot on. BTW try matching a yellow printed on transfer paper with wargame paint!!!!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

2nd punic Roman Unit

Remember the last lot i did where i said i was going to paint the shields the same colour as the shield transfers? watch this space.

haven't bothered ro run thru all the colours i used as the same as for the other unit.

This is the space i told you to watch for. as you can see the white boar motif isnt actual white its clear! so it reflects the colour underneath DOH!!!!! 

putting them to one side,for a cup of tea and a think icome to the conclusion that i must take the transfers off. Not to bad to remove (thank God) take small areas of paint off but not to bad.

decide to paint red as the surface was a bit rough for transfers and hand paint this unit.

just a simple Laural leaf pattern top and bottom. Lesson learnt,now can we all move on?

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Impetus, Punic war Roman Project.

Aventine miniatures,4x 12 foot,2x6 cavalry,2x4 skirmishers,1x command set and all the LBM transfers for the army only £118.Great deal.

The Aventine Figures come with some lovely cast pilum,But having used cast weapons on other armies i found after two or three games you end up with lovely cast barley twists.

Undercoat (Halfords matt black spray) and flesh  (Foundry expert flesh,A,B,C)

Jury is still out on the transfers,even when they are designed for Aventine minatures they still need cutting out,as its near impossible to cut the boss out spot on i would suggest matching your shield colour to the the transfer.

With Punic shields there isn't a metal edge to these shields so the transfer leaves a small ridge,i used black paint to even this out and then painted the shield in the original colour again.