Saturday, 21 December 2013

Well after 9 long weeks of painting my Nine Years War corps is done. As part of a larger project with my wargame club: i am painting Germans in the service of France.

I used figures,very nicely sculpted with good animation and if you are into this period i recommend them highly. A these few issues i did have with the figures to keep in mind.
     When buying a battalion pack make sure you check them as the mix of musketeer/pike/command and grenadiers seem to be random, Random to the point of wondering if their packing dept is a monkey in boxing gloves! which as we at the club are using warfare miniatures  Beneath the Lilly Banner  rule set,you would think that they would know what figures you needed to make up a battalion?
    Pikemen,some of these posed with only a single cupped hand to balance the long pike on isn't good enough to stand up to wargaming,even in the gentlest hands.

     Cavalry, the troopers need to be drilled and pinned or araldited as the underside of the troopers is a "V" shape and the saddle the sit on is rounded.

All this said they are really good figures which i have enjoyed painting.


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Photos soon

No I'm not dead,had to buy a new digital camera and where as my mobile phone camera is ok for Facebook i didn't feel it was for my blog. but promise new pictures soon.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Henry the VIII

Blagged this of my friend Stuart when i helped clear his wargaming garage of shame. Think it was a special from The Assault Group. The level of detail is amazing.

Monday, 12 August 2013

A few more napoleonics

Prince of Orange and staff,Hanoverian,French and British casualties.

More Cobble road pictures.

Total amount of road i got out of  2 mats at 70cm wide, was 16ft. cost £2.

More from the pound/99p shops.

Front of thin rubber door mat from the pound shop

The back,idea for cobble road sections.

Cut into 70cm strips.

close up of pattern.

Mid grey dry brush.

Light grey dry brush.

White dry brush.

Light dry brush of green.
My club needed some cobble road section for our 28mm games,most roads i looked at on line didn't fit the bill or was so expensive,so i turned to my favorite hobby supply shop,The pound and 99p shops.One mat gets you 8 pieces total of  112 x 3 inches of road. hope you find this helpful.

Monday, 8 July 2013

AWI Hessian Artillery

All enthused with another great night at my wargame club  (shameless plug) not only did i paint the French cavalry posted before but i did these this weekend.Perry's "Nuff said"

More Napoleonic French cavalry

Not as sexy as the Lancers i did last time but as ever from the Perrys beautiful sculpts. All towards the collection of Mr "Insanity" Cope and his ever growing French army.