Thursday, 15 August 2013

Henry the VIII

Blagged this of my friend Stuart when i helped clear his wargaming garage of shame. Think it was a special from The Assault Group. The level of detail is amazing.

Monday, 12 August 2013

A few more napoleonics

Prince of Orange and staff,Hanoverian,French and British casualties.

More Cobble road pictures.

Total amount of road i got out of  2 mats at 70cm wide, was 16ft. cost £2.

More from the pound/99p shops.

Front of thin rubber door mat from the pound shop

The back,idea for cobble road sections.

Cut into 70cm strips.

close up of pattern.

Mid grey dry brush.

Light grey dry brush.

White dry brush.

Light dry brush of green.
My club needed some cobble road section for our 28mm games,most roads i looked at on line didn't fit the bill or was so expensive,so i turned to my favorite hobby supply shop,The pound and 99p shops.One mat gets you 8 pieces total of  112 x 3 inches of road. hope you find this helpful.