Saturday, 25 February 2012

More terrain for battle of Narwa gam

The battle of Narwa game a friend and i ("friend" is a bit strong more someone i haven't manged to  shake are putting on needed a big hill for the Germans to use as a HQ.It's hard in the pictures to get a sense of how big this piece is but one of the photos has a king tiger in it for scale.

Made from 3 polystyrene sheets pva glued together,then hacked about until hill shaped,with ployfiller/sand mix spread as a road surface.
      The pitted rough area's on the corner was  created by spraying it with battlefront spray paint which starts to eat the polystyrene away (i don't wish to talk about how i found this out many years ago,it was a sad day and i have moved on) when it eats enough away that you think looks good press a very wet towel onto it which will stop the paint eating away anymore of the polystyrene.
Painted using americano paints cinnamon brown adding more and more light grey for highlights.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Friday nights game

double 5 score

Chief game ruiner taken just after the" cannon incident" more as proof that i had NO bruises before i left the club.

We had a game of AWI this Friday,Played with great sportsmanship until The colonel of the right center had to go make tea,i took over the dice rolling for his cannon,with many threats of violence to my person i got maximum on both dice,even more violence was threatened to my small collection of dangle parts.