Sunday, 23 February 2014

Perry AWI Hessians, Von Donop.

Perry AWI Hessians

undercoated and dried with a hair dryer.

bottle topped and ready to go.

Model colour Sky grey undercoat for white.

sky grey undercoat for white silk hat edging.

first coat of blue, P3 exile blue

first coat red GW Khorne red

sky grey undercoat for belts.

buff undercoat for cuffs

model colour earth,bags and hair.

high light red GW blood red

buff/white 50/50 cuff highlight.

silvers and golds.

highlight of all whites

eyes( on 50 models proving what your mother told you when you were a teenager would happen if you did stop it,was wrong)

foundry expert flesh A

foundry expert flesh B

foundry expert flesh C

Command,all as above
As ever Perry figures are outstanding,still flash issues. Doing 50 in one go did improve speed,total of 3 hrs a night,5 nights,15 hrs total.