Friday, 20 January 2012

Disposable Heroes

First of my Canadian  platoons for Disposable heroes rule set.As you can see not based yet but i was waiting for postie to deliver the bren team ,which i hope to paint and base all NEXT weekend.
(Not this weekend because of )
I used the Battlefront painting guide for all the basic colours and as these need more highlights than the 15mm guides are for i just added light tan to all colours.The steel/metal work is may own mix as i have never been happy with drybrushing silver over black.My mix is vallejo oily steel mixed with vallejo black grey 50/50 the washed with GW devlan mud.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

French napoleonics

More for the collection of Mr Insanity Cope.All Perry metals,i do like the officer with the telescope.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Flames of war Terrain

Friends and i have a scenario planned for next year,its an eastern front game which needed a railway embankment,so with a few days off at christmas i decided to have a go at it earlier than planned.
 Before all this i must apologize for photo quality as the "shed of dreams " isn't great for taking pic's and its been raining for two days here,this coupled with the fact that all terrain according to the wife MUST be done in the shed after the "living room carpet/polystyrene cutting incident of 93."
household coving/cornice based on hardboard

plastic card for the bridge

filling up the gaps with polystyrene.

blue foamboard  added and details drawn on with a pencil to represent ironwork

 I did price up some real model track but its so expensive i brought a bag of  Matchsticks and thin balsa and made my own.
undercoated with black

Grey pumice sprinkled between the tracks with PVA

Larger pumice added for ground work

first coat of paint i used Decoart acrylic "cinnamon brown"

Drybrushed with Dulux "Biscuit"

concrete painted with GW Desert yellow and drybrushed with mid grey and then light grey.The roads painted with Americano "asphaltum" and drybrushed grey.

Holes drill for trees.

Soviet green for ironwork and a touch on concrete.

Vallejio weathering powered "rust" and then drybrushed soviet green mixed with grey.

Grass added 3 shades used all from GW

Holes drilled again and bushes fitted.

Grass added to middle of the tracks.

all done.a few old train models and some half painted KV's for eye candy.
  Took two days in the shed,helped by Christmas cigars red wine and radio 4xtra.