Monday, 22 April 2013

and tonite i was mostly doing these.

Pick these up for Mr Insanity Cope at salute along with loads more french napoleonic from Perry miniatures. Horse artillery,with howitzer.

Today i was mostly making buildings.

Picked these up at Salute wargame show Saturday form Col Bills,(great discount).These are the 28mm version,once you finish your first one they get easier. Planing on getting a few more next show.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Re sprayed Game mat. Comes with health warning.

 Nigel at the club ( his Arid game mat sexed up a bit,i used pound shop brown warpainter grey,British tank green.

Warning : Dont spray game mats on the garden decking if the wife only painted it last weekend.otherwise you have to re paint it before she sees it.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Perry plastic Napoleonic French

My first crack at these for myself and for my wargames club big push to do big Napoleonic battles in 28mm and using Shako rules.Perry box of plastic is enough to get 2 units each of 18figs each.Great value and very nice figures. Definitely getting another box at salute show. I wanted to knock these out asap and as simple as possible,so after a black undercoat i drybrushed the whole figure with 3 shades of blue,which saved so much time but the straps and piping is still a major time eater with Napoleonic's.

french adc's and other napoleonic nonsense.

Few more for Mr Insanity Cope.Perry metals.