Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Summer time and the living is easy

 Well,the British summer is upon us once again,which means Two full days of sun were we moan about how hot it is,then the rest of the year it rains.

  But summer time means i have to clear out the "shed of dreams" after a winter of freezing wet weather and throwing stuff in from the door so as not to stay to long outside.A price must be paid and last weekend i cleared the "shed of dreams" out and to mark the occasion i took a couple of photo's as this is as clean as it gets in there and its a downward spiral of mess until next summer clean out (a man needs a place to cut polystrene and not get moaned at for a FEW bits on the carpet).Things i would draw your attention to are,DAB radio for cricket commentary and radio 4extra and some times if nothing and i mean NOTHING else is on football,the huge mug of tea,which as i type i think is still in there gentle growing its own 5 o'clock green shadow, also the pack of cigars,brought for me by my sons as a fathers day treat,the building far right is my latest project and I'm doing a stage by stage build and paint but more of that later.Also the "cupboard of terrain shame"which has been reinforced a few times as my addiction for terrain increases.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Brunswick light batt

Few more for Mr Cope's collection,not very interesting to look at brunswicks but getting a black uniform highlighted,without making look grey is a tricky job.These i painted GW black the drybrushed with vallejo black grey then washed the whole thing with GW  Devlan mud to tone the grey down.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Size is Important

Just a small post to show Tenacious D how small an 18mm AB figure is (double click picture to enlarge):

Brunswick Jager

Just a few more for the collection of Mr "Insanity" Cope,as you could see by the recent pictures of the Waterloo game he just hasn't got enough.


Thursday, 16 June 2011

Waterloo game Picture

I have posted this picture before but it was before My son did a bit of computer magic.He added the sky and deleted the table edge.Just double click picture for enlarged view,go on you know you want to!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Waterloo game

It seemed along time coming this game but Waterloo in 28mm is a huge project.Funny how wargames mimic history,The french came on in the same old style and the We beat them in the same old style,just like history even down to picton getting killed.
Its not often that wargamers get to play a game on this scale and when you do grab it with two hands.Thanks to Glen,Chris and Percy (the movers and shakers at the club) and Steve T,Andy,Bradly,Doug,Steve H,John,guy and mark.
Outstanding day,hope you like the photo's.


Thanks for the great comments lads,the practical question 1st,once the french had reached over half way a long armed gamer was used then the french players had to move from the British side,with much good natured nudging and comments re garlic,roastbeefs and bycled onion sellers etc etc etc.

yes Mike,it was i have to say the greatest game day i have had,yes the figures and the terrain was to draw but the company it was played is a key factor.