Saturday, 11 June 2011

Waterloo game

It seemed along time coming this game but Waterloo in 28mm is a huge project.Funny how wargames mimic history,The french came on in the same old style and the We beat them in the same old style,just like history even down to picton getting killed.
Its not often that wargamers get to play a game on this scale and when you do grab it with two hands.Thanks to Glen,Chris and Percy (the movers and shakers at the club) and Steve T,Andy,Bradly,Doug,Steve H,John,guy and mark.
Outstanding day,hope you like the photo's.


Thanks for the great comments lads,the practical question 1st,once the french had reached over half way a long armed gamer was used then the french players had to move from the British side,with much good natured nudging and comments re garlic,roastbeefs and bycled onion sellers etc etc etc.

yes Mike,it was i have to say the greatest game day i have had,yes the figures and the terrain was to draw but the company it was played is a key factor.



  1. Awesome looking game. You're right about needing to grab the chance to play such a monster with both hands, it can be a long time sometimes between mega-battles. My only practical question, how did you manage to reach the middle for the fiddly bits?

  2. Truly impressive game with some nice figures and terrain. Must have been an awesome day.

  3. Oh, God's own period with lots of toys to play with! Bloody impressive setup and it sounds as though all went well. Terrific effort all round I'd say.

    Fancy a mega army yet?