Saturday, 26 January 2013

2nd punic Roman Unit

Remember the last lot i did where i said i was going to paint the shields the same colour as the shield transfers? watch this space.

haven't bothered ro run thru all the colours i used as the same as for the other unit.

This is the space i told you to watch for. as you can see the white boar motif isnt actual white its clear! so it reflects the colour underneath DOH!!!!! 

putting them to one side,for a cup of tea and a think icome to the conclusion that i must take the transfers off. Not to bad to remove (thank God) take small areas of paint off but not to bad.

decide to paint red as the surface was a bit rough for transfers and hand paint this unit.

just a simple Laural leaf pattern top and bottom. Lesson learnt,now can we all move on?


  1. Nice figures and nice paint job, but the more I hear/read about these shield transfers the less I like the idea. Hmmmm . . . .