Saturday, 19 November 2011

flames of war game at the weekend

 Had a great fow game this weekend,got to say i havent had a bad one yet.This one was a variation i came up with.1200pts a side free for all,its the same as normal but with a little twist.It must be an infantry company and you can spend the points as normal but you only get 1 choice in the whole of the Divisional support section.
Soviet V German, once again the neb's were  bloody monsters (thanks Steven from WWPD for the tip on these boys) keeping my opponents Zis76's silent all game and slowly killing them with nebelwaffer loving.This allowed my hmgs to get into postion to mow the soviet conscripts down. Great game day and a feeling that the rule reflected WW2 warfare.
Must of it you all have seen before but a few new additions,the Russian buildings are hovels,based on ply-board and thin bluefoam.The resin roads are from Magnetic displays.


  1. Fantastic game Lee. Really like your terrain too.

  2. Excellent looking game and damn fine troops too!!

  3. Great looking terrain and figures! Glad to hear the nebelwerfers did you right. Don't forget they need to be 4" back from a wood to fire over! (looks like you have them pretty far forward)

  4. Cheers guys.
    yes good call Steven I'm guilty of photographic artistic license i nudged them forward to get them in the shot.its a bit like the trees,i throw them all over the place coz the look good in photographs.

  5. I definitely understand that! We fudge things all the time for the "folks back home" :)

  6. The very lack of pictures shows,i think,how much of an enjoyable game FOW is! and draws you into the game.
    Good luck to you and your better half on the immanent birth of Isobel.

  7. Brilliant terrain mate!
    Re the Trevor Holland roads:
    a) Did you go for the 5cm or the 8cm width ones?
    b) Did you buy them prepainted or paint them yourself? If the latter might I please impose upon you for the painting recipe?

    Cheers mate :-)

    Merry Christmas too!!!! Hope you had lots to munch on and drink! lol


  8. Hi Theo,5cm type i brought unpainted as the pre painted had to much drybrushing on them for me.I painted mine with Foundry Bay brown A then B and then C mixed with a touch of white very lightly drybrush.

    Christmas,So far sober but the wifes not looking her best as its her turn to drink:-))))

    Love and hugs to you and yours.

  9. Many thanks for the painting tip and the info mate.

    You playing Russian roulette with drinks over there? lol

  10. No different as to how i married her:-))))))