Saturday, 2 April 2011

what i did last night

I had to drop of some figures for Mr Chris insanity Cope as his Waterloo in 28mm projected caries on in an every decreasing circle of madness.Chris lives in Norfolk and i in Essex,this journey allows me to use the 4 worse roads in south east for traffic and road works,that aside it is always a pleasure to go round Chris's as his house is more a wargaming Paradise as you can see from the pictures of his house,figures,books,figures,swords,figures,shields and figures.The night was going to be a evening chat and tea but our other friend Glen Brooks turned up with his beautifully painted War of the roses armies and a copy of the free Impetus rules,we normally play Armati and as i haven't had any problems with the set I'm of the school that says "if it ain't broke "etc etc But i got to say i am very impressed with Impetus as a rule set,it uses the armati style of figures based in groups and no figure removal and a multi dice modifier for unit strenght and weakness.I think these rules could be the way forward for me.Thanks Chris and Glen for a great evening.Anyway try the free set in the link below.


  1. Blimey, he's a single bloke alright! I've been trying to clear the garage for the last 15 years just to get me board up. And you wonder why I like 15 mil . . . .

  2. :-))))) i thought you liked 15mm because you didnt want a scale you had to use to hands to lift:-)))))))))