Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter weekend

Well its been a while,its taken a bit to get over the Salute weekend as i had a friend from overseas staying for 4 days.Salute was as ever huge and packed with the usual chaos of getting in,it seems "Advance tickets" just don't work anymore.This said when you did get into the show it didn't seem packed at all,plenty of space to walk and browse.Purchases,well poor really for the biggest show in the country,some resin bases from Kerr and king for flames of war,mdf round bases  for trees and the jewel in the crown.....Empress miniatures Modern British,only managed to get 3 packs as Keith had be wiped out and one look at these figures even in the "lead" gives you the reason why.Hopefully I'll get time to paint some up for my planned toe dipping into force on force which as i type I'm waiting for postie to deliver.

OK that's enough talk,Easter Sunday wife took youngest over to Kent to see her brother for the day,so i got a whole day painting with DVDs of a war nature on.Here's what i managed to get done.


  1. It's not just the quality,it's the bloody speed too! Mind you, having an attention span of longer than a nanosecond helps I suppose.

    Good effect with the cannon ball and the first time I've seen an empty saddle too. Good stuff!

  2. cheers gaz,money always focuses the mind:-)