Wednesday, 30 December 2009

73rd British napoleonic battalion.

As promised a blow by blow account of painting the 73rd British battalion.

I starting with the command elements.Lovely figures these Victrix,not to bad to clean up.These took me an evening to complete.

Coat d arms black undercoat.Next the flesh basecoat,for this i use foundry Bay brown "C".The next coat of flesh i used Gamesworkshop(GW) tanned flesh with a final highlight of GW tanned flesh and GW elf flesh 50/50.

The red jackets were painted using a base colour of GW scab red,highlight P3 skorne red,second highlight GW blood red.

Trousers foundry Quagmire "A" then washed with plaka black paint mixed 50/50 with water.

Gold work is vallejo Brass washed again with plaka wash.

Silver work vallejo oily steel washed again with plaka wash.


  1. One evening? You paint scary-fast Lee. :)

    Love the commander with the sword. Good pose, great colors.

  2. I taught that boy everything he knows . . . .

  3. And i quickly forgot it after the police investigation.:)