Wednesday, 30 December 2009

christmas holidays.

Well that's another Christmas holidays over with.I have for a few years stopped painting for the 3 days of Christmas and do the family thing but if i do paint over the holidays i tend to do my own projects instead of payed commissions.i have a commission at the moment for Chris cope,an insane wargamer who over many years has commissioned me to paint the British and allied forces at Waterloo in 25/28mm starting on the left and stopping at the walls of Hougoumont(so he says).So far 30 to 40 units each of 18 figures as per the rule set shako.I'll post some photo's of the latest British unit which is the 73rd as i do them.


  1. `posh blog mate,
    I've gone and made one of me own now!!

    see you soon, over at Attleborough

  2. Ere, get some new photies up idle jack!