Monday, 15 February 2010

Last ECW foot unit.

Last one for the royalist army,cavalry and artillery next.With this unit i needed to finish it up quickly so set myself a target of 12 figures in a nights session,about 8 hours.the overall effect is ok,as you can see it still needs basing.More importantly i get to move on to different stuff that I'm "into" at the moment,flames of war and the new project french Napoleonic army using AB miniatures.I ordered some last week and hope they come soon.Is it me or are all wargamers/painters flighty butterfly like people flitting from one shiny new project to the next?


  1. Nope, its just you

  2. Wow, Lee, those look splendid, I don't see a reason to start with 15mm Frogies, you should go on with your royalists! Anyway, when will we see a groupshot? CAN'T WAIT!

    Stephan (aka Reg)