Saturday, 20 August 2011

flames of war game at the weekend

Well had the game today,Soviets Vs German,played 3000pts aside with lots of terrain so it was chaos,bogged down tests,very difficult terrain tests.Soviet were given a phyric victory.Best troops of the day? Soviets defiantly infantry,killed a German infantry platoon and two panzerIII's.For the Germans,stug platoon racked up kills on t34's and KV2's.We tried the nebelwaffers for the first time and they did very well killing seven of the nine artillery Zis-3's.
Great game and great day.


  1. Very nice game. The river looks really good. You have done an awesome job of that.

  2. cheers lads,we really had a good game,made me want to build more terrain:))))