Monday, 1 October 2012

French indian war British from warlord,lovely figures,poses are some of the best i've seen in a while.The only problem with them is the casting with flashing and not the usual "perry miniatures" flashing but some really poor casting.Now this said i did get the box when it was first out and hopefully they have improved the moulding process now.As you can see if you stick to it the figures are corking.


  1. They are amazing Lee. Great work.

  2. Excellent painting as usual and nice castings, but I don't like the marching pose for FIW (great for Europe though). I've been spoiled by the Troiani paintings, I know, but they look too formal for North America for me. Having said that, I don't know who makes more informal poses other than maybe Redoubt, but their figures aren't a nice as these.