Monday, 26 March 2012

Sunny weekend in uk

So with the beautiful weather,i was where any right minded wargame/painter was,hunched over a painting table and loved every minute of it.
                 I had a couple of battalions of French old guard (36 figures) for the collection of Mr "Insanity" Cope.A mix of plastic Victrix and Perry metals,The Perry metals as per were more flash than figure but once cleaned up are lovely sculpt's  as usual from the Perry's,Victrix plastic's with a bit of plastic flash but nothing unusual,the only problem with plastic's (not just Victrix) is the blurring of detail in places,water bottles are one example,the bottles on one side are good clean crisp sculpting but the othe merges into the figure meaning you have to create an edge with the paint.The other thing i found with the Victrix was the bearskins,the fur detail was missing on one side and some of the bearskins seemed to have kinks in them. 
        The Blue i used for the greatcoats are:
P3 paints:
EXILE BLUE,as the basecoat.
CYGNAR BLUE BASE,as the mid colour.
CYGNAR BLUE HIGHLIGHT,as the highlight.

Here's a few pictures of some of the 36 i did this weekend.


  1. Nice painting, which seems to have certainly 'saved' the plastics. I can't say I'm impressed with those Victrix figures. Some of them look disabled. Given the casting quality I think I'd give them a swerve. :O(

  2. Looking good! I like the blues... might have to expand my own collection!