Wednesday, 4 April 2012

2nd KGL

More Perry metals for the collection Mr Insanity Cope,This time KGL,Lovely sculpts as ever from the Perry's and mercifully clean casting.the wounded figure standing is a perry 95th rifles plastic with a victrix head and the seated figure is perry body with a warlord WW2 head,ably put together by Mr Insanity Cope.
Not as detailed painting wise as the last lot(French old guard) so managed to paint the unit of 20 in two days.This is just a couple of them to give you the feel for them.


  1. Tasty figures there mate, despite your insane painting speed. It'll come as no surprise that I've got some Dutch-Belgian militia I ought to blow the dust off and get painting . . .

    Hanoverians are colourful units though and you've even brought these riflemen to life.

    Nice job.


  2. Wonderful figures! Very very nice paint work too.