Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Terrain for an 28mm ancient game

Last weekend i persuaded a couple of friends to mine for a game of ancient gaming using a set of rules called Basic Impetus:  http://www.dadiepiombo.com/basic2.html the basic set is free to download and has been a hit with my wargaming club : http://www.newbuckenhamwargamers.net/.
 My friends have played ancient games before using Amarti rules for years and don't get me wrong they are good i think i just became jaded with them.

So whats all this gas bagging about and what does it have to do with terrain? Well i got a call Sunday from one of my mates that so inspired by impetus rules he wanted to put a game on and needed a roman marching camp,well it was Sunday and i had Monday off so i knocked this up in a day and a half,mainly due to good weather allowing speed of drying time.Made from ply-board,polystyrene,long thin rounded wood that was tied together with cotton,i found  these in the house where my wife had been mistakenly calling them place mats.


  1. Very cool fort Lee. Great use of the place mats! I feel that almost anything has potential for wargaming. Good work.

  2. That's an excellent piece of work mate. Seems people have some strange ideas about the purpose of things. Only a wargamer can see a Roman marching fort in a boring place mat!

    Let us know what you think of Basic Impetus. I think they're fine and can be expanded pretty easily. I don't think you need to spend twenty five quid on the full set (or the army lists either).