Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Stalingrad terrain continues...

laying out the board with completed terrain.

the captains seat in the ship i call the shed of dreams.

penciled roads and to give size of buildings foot print.

paper surface.

blue foam,i suggest if you do this have something good to listen to on the radio to take your mind off it otherwise you will go mad.

A train iron bridge and a paint tester pot for a collapsed water tower.

again blue foam,just roughly broken and PVA glued to plyboard.

undercoat stage of another blue foam building.Only drawback with blue foam is must use waterbased paints.

ruined seconded floor again all made with blue foam.

filler,paint and gloss varnish for the spilled water.

sand added and ready for painting.(more later)

more ruins and once the job of drawing the bricks in to blue foam is done it dosen't take long to make another building.

these are factory office walls,the coloured pins are just to keep the walls together while drying.

the large assembly factory,polystyrene stage,the next is blue foam brick work and filler. 


  1. TV news today said that confidence in the UK construction industry is at a low ebb. They obviously haven't seem your output!

    Really nice work mate and very useful photo set too. Thanks.


  2. Well you'd have to go some to top the Narwa terrain mate, but it looks like you will.
    The twins will be orgasmic at this!