Sunday, 3 June 2012

Battle of Narwa

Had a great game of flames of war with mates Mark,Dave and Andy this weekend,Mark and i have been planning this a while now and i final finished all the terrain.
The historical battle was for the main road bring German supplies to the front line,the Soviets tried to cut it in to huge waves,On the day the Germans held on under massive soviet attacks.Yesterday in Essex they fared worse,the Germans had some great success early on as in history,even with a reserve tiger appearing to steady the infantry the pressure was to much for the PBI and under flames of war rules  after taken a set amount of causalities they failed a morale test.
We added a few special rules to the game to help it play to historic conditions.The first was giving the Germans only five rounds per artillery platoon to simulate the Russians covering the German observers with smoke.The soviets also allowed the Katuscha limited to only firing for the first 4 turns of the game along with the 120mm mortars which were given 6 rounds of fire.Great game and roll on the Stalingrad game which i have loads more pictures to put on here.    


  1. Good looking game mate. Nice Kit and good workaround for the rules.


  2. the rapid fire scenario's work well with flames of war as fow tends to be a tourney set of rules