Sunday, 13 May 2012

another Stalingrade building

Using the remaining bits from the last building i knocked this up while listening to the last day of the premiership on the radio and getting over a hangover from a stag do the nite before.

The flooring is a paper sheet i got on ebay meant for dolls houses but shhhhhh dont tell anyone.


  1. Fantastic Lee. Really like the flooring.

  2. Where did you get that flooring from mate? I'm looking to do some pavement, but can't afford resin unless I sell a kidney and won't live long enough to make it myself . . .

  3. Nice work Lee. Glad to here you had an hangover, serves you right for having too much fun at the Rake.

  4. rodger:Cheers.

    Gaz:ebay its for doll houses stuck it down with pva.

    Daz:Its the rake,the steve Dean Crew.....its customary.Can't wait for you and Caroline to enjoy the drinking club again.