Saturday, 12 May 2012

Stalingrade terrain

With the Narwa game date set on june 2 and all the terrain for that game sorted,i thought i better get ahead for the next game.Storming the barricades from the rapid fire book,I still use the flames of war rules but this scenario book does convert easily from rapid fire to flames of war and the maps are idea if like me you love making terrain.One of the terrain pieces need for this game was an assembly hall (Above) measuring 20" X 10", and all made from the scap box and the "i'll hang on to that it may come in handy" box.I'll also need to make a main factory double the size of the assembly hall and 5 or 6 other buildings oh and the small matter of a terrain board with urban road surface.


  1. You've made a stunning job of that building mate! Bloody lovely!!!!

    If I said you ought to get some stuff done in resin and flogged, would you listen to me?


  2. Awesome building Lee. Really like the weathering effects.

  3. lol gaz not that old chestnut:-))))))

    cheers rodger