Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Knight Templars

Picked an army of these boys up at salute from Northstar,Crusader miniatures.The cast quality is outstanding with very little cleaning needed.I went for the black uniformed Templar as a challenge  in painting black.My recipe is flames of war (FOW) black undercoat and first coat. fow black 70% and fow black grey 30%. Fow  green grey final highlight 50/50 mixed with water.Once i had the recipe for black sorted they became a quick paint job 16 figures in 8 hours.


  1. Nice colour recipe for the black. Much better than the old 'just add more grey. Nice job.

    Sixteen figures in eight hours? You're slowing up!


  2. Looks great Lee, this'll be a fun army to watch come together. B)