Sunday, 6 May 2012

Quatre Bra game

As promised a few photos of my clubs Quatre Bra game.

Guy commander of the Brunswicks leaves for a cricket match after a bloody day in the field.

  The French had a very good early part of the day pushing the allied forces before them.The Brunswick managed to reform later on in the day and gave a good showing of themselves and the British holding the crossroads.It was decided that the British had held the crossroads but their position was precarious,minor French win was declared and the British and allied commanders whole heartily agreed a great day had by all.Thanks to all commanders on both sides,with special nods to Chris for the set up troops,Glen for umpiring and making a very nice lunch,Steve Tunmore for stepping into the breech and percy for French troops and.........errrr well being Percy. 


  1. Spot on! A good read and piccies and a good game.


  2. Amazing! Just the sheer size and numbers of minis involved are a sight to behold!

  3. Awesome!! I love the photos. Fantastic scenes and wonderful looking troops.

  4. thanks all,it was a great day and to get to play with so many soldiers was great fun.