Saturday, 2 July 2011

flames of war building project

I brought these two kits at Partizan in may from HLBS company (i think) at a cheap price. Now i know its 20mm or 1/72 scale in old money but i wanted a building big enough to get a lot of troops into it.

    The kits is a three storey building with a central stair case so the inside and outside was given a black undercoat.
A drybrush of white to pick out the stone work and Foundry spearshaft A and C on the roof tiles.

Next, foundry Bay Brown A/B/C on the brick work.
Then the plaster was painted with Miniatures paint Coffee and given a wash of GW devlan mud.

All done.Well sort of as you may have noticed a soviet emblem has appeared,i picked this up at partizan as well,in an odds and sods resin box a trader had,i love a rummage and a bargain.With the addition of some plastic strips as angle iron i pinned it to the roof.


  1. Fantastic buildings mate, love the paint jobs: they should be pure hell to fight through.


  2. You're becoming a real building slut! Next, how about some of those trees off eBay in radioactive green? Pennies each from Hong Kong (UK actually).