Sunday, 17 July 2011


All from Forged in Battle.One piece casting with metal gun barrel and Mg.No flash at all.Now the plan was to make these look like they had been in the flied for away and pretty beat up.
Once i washed the resin i sprayed them with FOW German grey.I then sat what seemed like hours putting blobs of maskol onto the tanks,then a spray of Army painter sand yellow.Once dry i scrubbed them with a toothbrush taking all the maskol of leaving patches of the German grey showing through.Where the edge of the sand yellow meets the grey i used model colour 912 giving a flaked paint effect.An overall wash of GW Devlan mud toned down the new look of the sand yellow paint The tracks were painted in Gw Tin Bitz then all tracks given a rub over with a lead pencil.
   I was going to post this when they were finished completely but i need to get the Hungarian decals and some tri colour leaves and sea foam sprigs  from Antenocitis work shop  which I'll pick up at my next wargame show.

hope you like.


  1. Wow Lee, your method has worked really well. Good work.

  2. Looks realy good! I am also planing to build a Hetzer campany and are planing to use forge in battle miniatures.

  3. You will be very pleased with Forged in battle,they are very nice clean cast models and a dream to paint.
    Mine haven't seen action yet but with the latest Battlefront book "Greywolf" coming out soon i can see them on the table very soon.