Friday, 29 July 2011

Some random terrain

Just knocked these up while watching the cricket,will go towards a Lord of the rings game a few friends and i will put on soon.

These i made from some scrap resin i had laying around,just glued them to some ply board

This was a church part built by Frank Hammond,i just jazzed it up abit.

this was a 54mm lord of the rings heroclix type figure,painted to look like stone.

last but not least,thin polystyrene sheet from a pizza base cut into squares and just built with pva .The paving in all the terrain was printed on my home printer.


  1. Very good. Paving work well. I had to go back and take another look.

  2. Cheers,the printed paper paving is very cheap way of doing it.if you look hard enough you can find cobbles,brick work,tile and i have even found persian carpets,resized and put in ruined houses