Thursday, 29 December 2011

Bagrades plains re-fight

Wargaming friend mark Bullock has been boring us with plans .....sorry working on this game for ages,inspired by an article in practical wargamer wargames mag back in 1999 written by Chris Cope.As fate is a strange thing the same Chris Cope i game with and we were lucky enough to have him playing on the day.
Mark worked hard to get the game as historically correct as was possible using our chosen set of ancient rules "Amarti."
 Mark,Dave and Chris took the roll of Carthaginians and Andy and i the roll of Romans.Basically its a roman race against time to destroy the Carthaginian center before the out numbered roman flanks cave in.
Early turns saw the carth  elephants fighting in an honors even battle with roman skirmishers finally pushing  them aside.Then ploughing onto the roman heavy infantry center with small success.Only one elephant survived and hit the heavy infantry in the flank.meanwhile the far right of the roman heavy infantry had flanked the carth center and was posed for a close end as it depended on initiative dice roll and the winner would get first crack at a flank.
Meanwhile the carth flanks commanded by dave  and supported by Mark had cleared off the last roman resistance(bravely held by Andy for longer than expected)and heading for the rear of the roman center this was going to be close.
The romans rolled well and took the initiative and got first go finally killing the very stubborn carth center commanded by chris who had resisted for 2 turns.Ending the game.

Carthaginian dead at the end of the game

Roman dead at the end of the game
Thanks to Andy and Charleen for hosting and mark for the work in army lists and thankfully ending his endless Carthaginian army list talk year after year after year.:-))) and Dave and Chris for a very close and great game played in great spirit.   


  1. Good game from the look of it. Which rules?

  2. Armati an old set now bu hey do work so well with ancients.The only change i made was to the elephants which armati do really do well enough for early battles,we just had infantry fight -1 disordered after the first contact.