Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Cleaning up and Undercoating

Whilst cleaning up and undercoating (I hate these two jobs of the hobby) more napoleonics for my friend Mr insanity Cope,i broke the boredom by painting 16 HYW figures for another friend Steve Harris,all front rank which surprised me as i have always  thought them a big and lacking detail but this range seems to be top draw. So much so that i looked again at the frontrank range of napoleonics and i was right big and lacking detail but i recommend the Hundred years war range.Easy to paint with no surprises,16 figures took 5hrs to paint.

cheers lee


  1. And what a nice job you've made of them!!

  2. These guys do look fantastic. You have made a very nice job of them. I do like the FR Napoleonics though!

  3. Just catchin' up mate!

    Nice stuff as usual, but I think the FR ranges have a sort of love hate relationship with many gamers. I've got a few of their Marlburian figures and they're excellent, but Gray has had (and sold off) many of their Napoleonic and 7YW figures and only finished painting them because he'd bought them in bulk - too big and chunky for his tastes.

    Their medieval stuff if very nice and you've made a nice job of them as usual.


  4. Think your right gaz,they seem to be the marmite of wargame figures.Love them or hate them if it gets you all tingly to paint i'm all for it.just working on 25 napoleonic British from victrix,started them friday and hope to finish them sunday nite.