Sunday, 25 December 2011

Disposable Heroes

Ivan Killastug's handy work.

I did this:-)))))))))

The Christmas game at the club was WW2 using 28mm figures and vehicles,which is new to me as a 15mm flames of war man.The rules as the title above says were Disposable heroes and they really worked well.Unlike smaller scale rules you do get the feel of small unit action,the rules are a you go i go system but only one unit gets to move on your side then one of theirs etc this really made a tactical difference as commander of the Germans we had to hold the 3 bridges the soviets had to take them.In the end we managed a minor victory by taking 1 bridge (steve Braveheart Harris) and keeping the soviets from the other 2 (but this was a close run thing as stuart on the soviet right flank was a real handful all game).Which we thought was a fair result having lost are only tank on turn 3 to a outstanding piece of firing from the T34 command by Adrian or "Ivan killastug" as his now called.I mangaged to even it up with a lucky panzershreck shot on to the soviets SU 85 (i wasn't called Hans Killasu 85 after this but something more unprintable by the soviets 
    The game was run as always by Glen Brooks who has the ability to understand rules unlike any one i know,not only that but within 3/4 turns makes it so easy that first time players understand as well.
Great game to end the year with,which was in part the rules in part the company.


  1. You did well, Lee! Maybe time again to add some 28mm minaitures to your collection? I think I have some unpainted here :)


  2. Hi Sausage,
    I think i'm going to do a small British force just for playing at the club as Glen has the tanks for the British.Just be nice to add to the clubs collection of options for a friday nite.